Easily create mobile inspections: iiA I-Inspect Anything Inspection App

iiA Mobile Inspection Software Easily create mobile inspections:iiA I-Inspect Anything Inspection App

iiA Home Inspection Software

Easily Create Inspection Reports ‘On-The-Fly’

Original comment from our customer using i-inspectAnything: ... we have our family back, we have our children back! ... no report writing until 2AM in the morning anymore! We all love the i-inspectAnything home inspection software!
J. Hammond
Easy Home Inspections and Report Creation
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Home Inspections: iiA i-inspectAnything
Pre-Populated checklists for decks
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Pre-Populated checklists for decks
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Following house areas are covered by default:

  • Property details
  • Decks
  • Electrical Services
  • Plumbing / Drainage
  • Water Heating
  • Ceiling Cavities
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries
  • Ensuits
  • Toilets
  • Living
  • Image Gallery

  • External
  • Internal

House Inspection report automatically created as PDF.

Note: All above areas have pre-populated text for the conditions and for the image captures. You can add and edit as you like "On-The-Fly"

  • i-inspectAnything is a very powerful software for inspections and assessments built with the FileMaker platform.
  • i-inspectAnything offers error free inspection data entry and automatic report generation 'On-The-Fly'.
  • i-inspectAnything inspection software is available as a single user tablet version or as a professional fully featured multiuser cloud system version for tablets, iPad, Windows and Mac computers.
  • i-inspectAnything increases productivity for inspection work to a very high degree.
  • If you are a building inspector, home inspector, facility manager or an engineer in a corporate enterprise such as in the petroleum industry and want to host the inspection solution within your own IT infrastructure?
  • We offer three versions
  • i-inspectAnything Lite for iPad single user
  • i-inspectAnything Professional for cloud multi user
  • i-inspectAnything Enterprise for corporate deployment

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iiA i-inspectAnything Inspection Software

The iiA i-inspectAnything inspection programm works for many industries. Here is a sample for the home inspectors:

The most important part of any home inspection app / software are:

- Time saving, big increase in inspector's productivity.
- The quality, accuracy.
- The inspection report being correct and precise.

- Easy delivery: email the complete pdf inspection report to the customer or provide a link to enable downloading the inspection report.

The inspection program can be fully customised to the requirements of the inspection company.

i-inspectAnything allows the inspector to easily gather and input information into the hand held device. The inspector is guided by the innovative user interface of the home inspection software.

With the i-inspectAnything Cloud version you are able to share your inspection jobs with your computers at your office or even at home. This enables you to do further fine tuning on the report before making it available to your customer.

Reports with i-inspectAnything are designed to be easy to read and to the point. Home buyers and sellers, as well as their real estate agents have told us that the i-inspectAnything inspection reports are the easiest they have ever read.

Reports are automatically generated in Adobe's PDF format. This gives you the greatest flexibility in delivering your reports. The PDF's are optimized to create small file sizes.

Most inspectors using our i-inspectAnything inspection software choose to send the the reports from site to the client, the bank, the real estate agent, and the inspector can view the reports at any time from the provided online link.

You also have the option to easily email the report since the report is a single PDF file. An email will be sent to the real estate agent and home buyer/seller with a link to view the report. Creating reports in PDF format allows for a professionally looking report to be created. You can create attractive headers and borders to your report which other programs cannot create. Completed reports will be archived and can be accessed at any time.

If the case, the home inspector is performing an inspection in an area without any internet connection, we offer the option of i-inspectAnything working offline. Once the inspector is back to a sufficient internet connection, the data will be updated with the i-inspectAnything Cloud System.

i-inspectAnything can be integrated with invoicing / billing software, customer database, job management and and calendar.

iiA i-inspectAnything / Professional / Enterprise Version
Are you a corporate enterprise such as in the petroleum industry and want to host the inspection solution within your own IT infrastructure? Please email us!